Organic Shampoo Shower Solid

  • Organic Shampoo Shower Solid  The solid shampoo has an appearance similar to that of a soap bar but with a very different composition, as it is prepared with solid surfactants derived from coconut oil which give it a less basic pH and therefore more suitable for hair cleansing. Vegetable oils and butters are added to solid surfactants with useful properties for the hair, and are extracted for a specific action on the hairs.
    The use of solid shampoo has these advantages:
    - it is an ecological product: it avoids the use of plastic packaging and therefore reduces pollution;
    - it lasts longer than the traditional shampoo: with the 50 g format you can make up to 80 washes;
    - convenient to take on the trips since it is not included in the limitations of liquids on the plane and for the pocket format
    This shampoo is very nutritious as it contains cocoa butter, shea butter, the presence of biodegradable surfactants allows to have a product that removes the dirt from the hair in a gentle but effective way, leaving the hair perfectly clean, soft and shiny without the use of balm (conditioner)