Toy trends 2020: More digital, sustainable and need-oriented

  • Toy trends 2020: More digital, sustainable and need-oriented

    What are the toy trends for 2020? The trend committee of the International Toy Fair has identified these three trends for the industry: "Toys for Future", "Digital goes Physical" and "Be you!”. Children of all ages will be influenced by more sustainability, digital play and inclusivity. What do these trends include in detail? Let’s take a look!

    “Toys for Future”: The climate change also affects the toy industry

    The “Fridays for Future” movement shows it: The climate change impacts all of us! What will the future world look like? Even the smallest ones start to take care about the world and future. Therefore, we need to make a change in order to save the planet for them. In particular, the toy industry focuses on current topics and depicts the world in microcosm. These trend products include climate protection and sustainability. On the one hand, they teach environmentally friendly behaviour and promote environmental awareness. Furthermore, they combine toys with a sustainability aspect in the form of ecological materials or products created by upcycling or recycling.

    “Digital goes physical”: Virtual reality for kids

    Even before they can talk, children learn how to direct their favourite character on the tablet. For the older ones, a life without smartphones, video games, YouTube & Co is unthinkable. Thus, characters from well-known computer games or e-sports are increasingly becoming a popular license theme. Moreover, YouTube channels, apps and messenger services offer a high potential. Users move in digital worlds and identify with the fictional content. With the trend "Digital goes Physical", digital characters are being transferred to the classic toy world. The real counterparts expand the virtual level and enable new gaming experiences.

    “Be you!”: For a world without prejudices

    Small children face other people without hesitation and do not judge by outward appearance, origin or religion. The older they become, the more prejudices arise. A better learning ist that it is the diversity that makes our world colorful. Playing together promotes solidarity and creates understanding for another. The play also provides support in special life situations and has a positive effect on patients e.g. with dementia or Parkinson's disease. Furthermore, people with special needs or a disability also train their skills in a playful way.

    The toy trends can be experienced from 29 January to 2 February 2020 at the International Toy Fair in Nuremberg, Germany.