Waterproof parenting: Hits for kids in the rainy season

  • Yes, kids love action – no matter if it is sun or rain. And of course, the summer season offers a great variety of opportunities in order to run, jump and burn off your toddlers’ energy. But what happens, when the skies get grey and the days become shorter? Don’t worry – we got your back: This is a little parents' guide for the fall season featuring the most fun activities for rainy days.

    1. Embrace the rain

    Even though, it may be more cozy in the sunshine, there’s nothing like an extended family walk in the park on a rainy afternoon. If you are not too afraid of a bit of water, your kids definitely won’t be. So, why not introduce them to the magic of mud pie baking or encourage them to rescue worms from puddles. Also, you’ll find that many of their toys will develop a whole new exciting functionality when used in the mud – and don’t forget this classic: singing in the rain together. 


    1. Stay in and bake something yummy

    There’s barely anything that feels as homey and warming like a family baking session. If you don’t feel like going outside, show your little ones how their favorite treats can actually be made at home and involve them into the process with easy tasks. Even though, this might cause a bit of work in preparation and cleaning the reward is enormous: a house that smells like cookies and a lot of hand-made bakery. Plus, you pass on your knowledge to the next generation.


    1. Visit an aquarium

    It may be too wet for the zoo, but there’s other ways in which you can actually enjoy water on a rainy day: Take your kids to a local aquarium and introduce them to fascinating  underwater worlds or show them the exciting of diversity of amphibians and snakes. While the rain pours down outside, a visit to the aquarium will literally beam your family into another world for several hours.


    1. Escape rooms

    Take your kids on an exciting mission and make them solve the mysteries of your local escape room. There are sites that offer great escape games in most cities by now. These places challenge their visitors to master quests as a team by discovering clues, solving puzzles and answering riddles in one or more rooms. Themes may vary from detective stories to historical sites or dream scenarios. Be aware that most escape rooms have minimum age of 10 years.


    1. Make them jump

    If you really want to burn off your little ones’ energy despite of the rain, you should pay a visit to your local trampoline park. Of course, be aware of your kids’ skills and age level and provide supervision at all times when entering the fun. Considering certain safety rules, trampolining is the perfect activity in order to get your little ones heated up, no matter what the weather is like. They will love it and sleep like angels at night.