Get over the summertime blues: Must-dos with your kids in fall

  • Even though the warm season with its long days by the lake and trips to the countryside may be perfect for entertaining kids, there’s also a great variety of things to do with your little ones in fall season. Let us show you a few activities to get some quality time while the leaves are falling.

    1. Go apple picking

    Fall is the season of the apple. And no matter if you have your own supply in the backyard or find trees along the road: your kids will love to climb and collect them together with you. Apart from being a good vitamin provider for the flu-season, you can of course make wonderful treats with your kids from what you collected.

    1. Go for a leaf hunt

    Nature shows its true face in fall: the grand variety of colors and smells literally drag people outside on the weekends. So why not take a stroll through the park or even the woods close by and collect leaves together. Your toddler can learn a lot from this, just like new colors or even tree names. Back home you could sort the outcome by size and color together.

    1. Potato stamps

    A true classic in fall: chop a few long potatoes in halves and help your kids to carve motives onto the surface of each half. An easy one is designing a “leaf-stamp” by just curving out a stem in the middle and three little veins left and right of it. When you use brownish, reddish or similar colors with this one you and your kids can create very lovely fall trees on paper.

    1. Decorate pumpkins

    Another fall classic is huge and orange and comes in many faces – depending on your creativity. Your kids will love to design and carve out their own pumpkin together with you, smiling at by-passers from your porch.

    1. Autumn Songs

    Fall is a very atmospheric season – and of course it comes along with its own songs and fingerplays. So, there’s nothing that helps you bond more with your little ones than grabbing your songbooks and have a fun time with “Orange, Yellow, Red, and Brown” or “Autumn Leaves are Falling Down”.

    1. Halloween Costumes

    Originally from the US, Halloween has by now conquered most countries and kids all over the world go crazy about turning into ghosts, vampires or other exciting personalities. So, fall is the perfect time to think of funny and original costumes and tailor them together with your kid. Make this Halloween something special together!

    1. Get cozy

    Last but not least, fall season is the perfect time to relax, cuddle on the sofa, and read stories to your kids, while the rain keeps falling outside. Don’t forget the hot chocolate and the marshmallows!