Humanize your brand

  • Humanize your brand – how community management helps your business to build a strong relationship

    Your brand is more than a logo, an address and your products – it has a voice. And ever since the rise of social media channels this voice has been provided with several new dialects in order to spread the word not just about you and your product, but also in order to make your brand approachable and more emotionally visible. Community management is one key tool in order to shape the way in which it is perceived. Let’s have a look on how to use it.

    Think like a human on social media

    This may sound a bit weird at first, but I it isn’t: no matter which channel you are active on – on social media you are always confronted with an audience who demands dialogue just like in real human interaction. When you talk to your audience on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any other platform think of the following guidelines.

    Six easy steps


    1. Ask questions

    Don’t be just “top-down” with your crowd. That is what classic brand communication was forced to do because there were barely other ways. You now can actually be one with potential customers.

    1. Choose the right words

    Use vocabulary that is warm and inviting – you may be using a machine, but you are none. So, use personalized expressions and watch your lexical choices.

    1. Be humble

    Acting like a human includes making mistakes. Show that you are sorry if something goes wrong and don’t hide behind the virtual border between you and your audience.

    1. Listen

    Go into depth and check out what your audience actually talks about, what bothers them and how you can be a helper.

    1. Be responsive

    Nobody likes to ask questions and don’t get a response. And so does your audience. Be approachable and try to react to any request (trolls & bots excluded). This will be appreciated a lot more than silence.

    1. Be humorous…

    … where appropriate that is, of course. But thinking of your brand as human being, you’ll find it a lot more charming with a twinkle in the eye from time to time.