Find your work-love balance...

  • How to combine work and parenting


    Finally, the good times have arrived – at least for our little ones: no school, few obligations, lots of time and supposedly great weather. Yet, vacation time puts adults up to new challenges, since on the one hand we’d love to step up our parenting game during summer vacations and make the most of the kids’ free time, but on the other we have to keep managing our professional business. Here are a few tips on how to balance work ambitions and parental love:

    1. Set up new challenges

    Even though summertime is the time for your kids to recharge and get a break from the social circuit of school, this does not mean there should not be any intellectual challenges. You might for example look out for interesting and fun challenges hosted by public institutions – as for instance reading competitions and spelling bees offered by libraries. You might as well inscribe your kids for a summer camp held in a foreign language.

     2. Encourage activity

    During school kids physically benefit from offers such as PE, their regular sports club or activities like playing soccer during breaks at school. In the summer vacations these important slots are left blank and it is our responsibility to help our little ones to stay fit and healthy. So, why not block some time and go for swimming trips by the lake on the weekends or hitting a trampoline park after work. Fitness activities like these not only won’t seem like a chore to the kids but are rather fun – and of course they will provide you with some precious quality time together.

     3. Don’t play it alone

    In professional life you usually can rely on a team or employees, who help you to get things into place. When it comes to parenting, the same applies: if you have a partner that is a help of course, but also interchanging babysitter shifts with friends is a very practical way to keep vacation time interesting – most of all, if there are other kids around. Like this you not only save money but also get inspired by the activities other families propose.

    If you take the time to look a bit ahead and plan, vacation time will be a very special and rich time despite of the daily business – not only for your kids, but for the entire family.