It’s all about moving images: The importance of video content

  • The cultural importance of video content seems unstoppable. By now, the video sharing platform YouTube counts about 856 million site impressions per day (1) and its audience keeps growing. According to Techcrunch (2), people around the world spend 1 billion hours watching videos every day only via YouTube. These numbers are an urgent call for marketers to invest into video content in order to reach their audiences.  
    Why is video content on the rise?  
    Video has a lively nature, which gives us almost real-life impressions of people, events and of products, too. Videos can easily be shared across different platforms and most potential consumers appreciate it, because it takes no additional effort to consume them. Moving images have the power to entertain and to explain even complex matters. Also, they are a great carrier of emotional messages. And of course: nowadays anyone is technically able to produce their own video content.  
    Which types of videos make sense for marketers?  
    Videos can be used in a variety of ways to get closer to your target group. It is crucial to take a close look on how to functionally integrate them into your content marketing strategy and consciously choose the channel you want to be seen on. Visitors of your website for instance, will be happy to find a presentation of yourself and your company when they visit you virtually. Interviews on the other hand may feature more detailed explanations on certain topics, which might engage your audience to discuss on social media channels. Product reviews or demos are neat formats for collaborations with influencers, who – in exchange for your products – may offer you the reach of their social channels and support you with additional exposure.  
    These are just a few examples of how videos can and should be used in online marketing. Always keep in mind, that the right audience for your product or service is out there and it is your challenge to get in touch and provide them with the reasons they need to become your customers. Your own videos will be a great help to establish this connection.