5 digital marketing trends to watch in 2019

  • Let's sit back for a moment and take a look at 5 of the hottest and possibly most valuable trends for your digital marketing strategy in 2019.
    1. Content Marketing will be the new marketing
    The phenomenon formerly known as “content marketing” is on its way to substitute a wide range of traditional marketing approaches. Getting in touch with target groups via content pieces has demonstrated incredible potential for trust building, long-term relationships with customers, brandbuilding and generating traffic for your website. Its importance will extend much more in 2019.
    2. Well-defined content strategies
    Alongside to the growing importance of content marketing, a well elaborated content strategy will be a mandatory asset in order to reach company-specific goals. Not only general aims like lead generation, SEO and thought leadership should be reflected upon, but also your key interests and USPs must find their place in your strategic approach to content distribution.
    3. Customer-oriented use of artificial intelligence
    AI is one of the hottest topics within the contemporary marketing discourse. Its most widespread form are chatbots, who already are there for customers on many websites, helping companies to extend their customer service. They do not only save costs, but also interact quicker than humans, bring along a good load of humor and collect data reliably in order to build more personalized marketing experiences.
    4. Social is superior
    According to a study by “We are Social” there are by now 3.196 billion global social media users. This demonstrates the significant relevance of channels like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to society and thus, for your marketing. Social media has become embedded in customers’ lives all over the world, which literally craves for its use in any marketing strategy.
    5. Spending more time online than watching TV
    It’s been a long time coming: According to a recent study, 2019 will be the breakeven or even the breakthrough of average time per person spent in the web compared to the TV. In 2019 people are expected to spend an average of 170,6 minutes a day with online activities (TV 170,3 minutes). As a marketer one might want to prepare to invest in online advertising rather than in TV from next year on.