Social before selling: Reach more customers with social selling

  • You've probably heard about social selling, but do you exactly know what it is? It is neither the same as social media marketing nor another name for social media advertising. One thing is for sure: Social selling is not only a digital buzzword that might end up in the virtual trash.
    Social selling uses social media networks to identify, understand, contact, support and maintain prospective customers. With the help of this modern distribution method, you can build significant relationships with interested parties who keep you and your brand or product in mind. Therefore, you have the chance to become the first contact point for potential buyers.
    The best is yet to come: Social selling can be very simple. All you have to do is use the common social media platforms and add them to your established relationship-building strategies. That does not mean that you should attack strangers with unsolicited tweets or private messages – this is called spam and should be avoided at any time.
    Always keep in mind that social selling is all about building relationships and strategic “social listening”. This helps you to get into conversation with relevant users in the right situation and to offer a solution to an existing problem. If you respond to (potential) customers’ needs in order to make their life easier, you most likely will not be perceived as just an appearance or another disruptive factor whose messages simply get deleted. The bottom line is: Start to interact directly with your target group and become a thought leader for your prospective customers.
    The future of sales? Digital selling is the key
    Even though social selling gains more and more momentum, digital selling is the future as it offers a lot more opportunities for the companies. With the creation of organizational structures for content, the buyer’s interest and the purchasing intention can be influenced and turned into sales. However, digital selling is still in its infancy. Companies that do not want to get left behind, should train their employees to understand and implement the power of digital technologies in order to generate leads and turn them into loyal customers.