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    Posted September 17, 2019

    The world unique baby spoon that actually improves eating is looking for distributers all over the world. Welcome to stand 11:2 C30 and check out probably the smartest spoon in the world. 

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Sales of the future

  • These are trends that you cannot miss in 2020

    How do I get in touch with potential customers? Which sales tools of the future are the best for a successful acquisition? And how do I track the numerous contacts and information? These are questions that you, as a sales person, probably ask yourself from time to time. Let’s face these sales trends that you shouldn't miss in order to prepare your sales activities for the next decade.

    Be active on platforms and in social media

    The future is online. This shift of communication, research and the final purchase decision to the world wide web is an opportunity for companies. In addition to a website, companies and their employees need profiles in common business portals. Platforms like XING or LinkedIn enable employees and the entire company to present themselves to the target group. The platforms are perfect to be visible as experts like in group discussions and furthermore, to match and connect with interested parties. It also makes sense to use other social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram or YouTube, depending on the business model and target group. Especially Instagram is on the rise as a direct sales channel.

    Customer care as easy as pie

    Social media has made the dialogue with customers and prospects easier and personal, but companies cannot avoid the traditional customer care. Thus, the sales force of the future works with smart CRM systems. Appointments and customer data are recorded, telephone calls can be made automatically via a software and the results can be noted directly. Conversation content and important comments are no longer lost. Automation can be integrated to most of the softwares: For example, if a visitor of your website downloads an information brochure, the system saves the data and schedules a telephone appointment for follow-up. This increases the efficiency of sales and ensures happy employees and satisfied customers.

    Chatbots and virtual reality in future sales

    While social media and CRM systems are already established in many companies, other trends are only just beginning. A new tool is the use of chatbots, which takes care of customer concerns and, therefore, make customer service more efficient. These programs filter the requests for specific keywords to give the correct answer to the customer’s question - a kind of interactive and intuitive FAQ.

    For all those who offer products, virtual or augmented reality could also be an opportunity. Thus, potential customers could view a product virtually "live" at their company at any time. This can influence a purchase decision in their favour and saves your resources.

    As a matter of course, nobody really knows what the future holds. But one thing is certain: Those who are open to innovation will survive in the long term.