Generational break

  • Generational break - why millennials are changing the way we do sales

    More and more companies have to change their responsibilities and decision-making roles increasingly with Generation Y and Z. Today, over 73% of all decision-makers are millennials. They are a tough nut to crack as their decision-making and communication behaviour differs from all previous generations. But there are easy ways to satisfy even the most critical millennial consumers. Let's cut to the chase and take a closer look at the four key rules that help to win millennials as customers:


    Sell experience

    Every company must gain experience as offering just one product is not enough to convince millennials to actually buy it. Selling experience means creating experiences with your customers that they won't forget. Millennials attach great importance to the ethics and values of a company when searching a product. Use social media channels to clearly express your company's goals while creating relevant content for your consumers to stimulate interaction. Show that you actively listen to users, answer questions and allow public contributions in your social media.

    Integrate a cross-channel strategy

    Although millennials prefer online shopping, it does not mean that they do not use multiple channels during their customer journey until the final purchase. As a matter of course, more than 76 percent use the internet before making the final purchase, but customers expect seamless integration of all channels, from offline to online to mobile. Services such as click-and-collect become standard, but companies must continue to take the initiative to pave their way to the omnichannel.

    Do not forget the customer services

    If there is one thing that millennials want, it is immediacy as they hate to wait and allegedly, their span of attention is comparable to a goldfish. A key factor in a positive customer service experience is providing relevant information at the right time. Therefore, it is important to keep the provision of information as simple as possible. FAQs, chat bots, self-service checkouts, a real-time display of available items and many other options can help to enhance your customer service.

    Gain knowledge about your customers

    The most important fact is understanding the needs to win millennials as customers. How would you like to meet the specific and individual needs if you do not know them? Online shops gain an incredible variety of insights and retail stores are also able to gain the same insights through the use of retail analytics. By focusing on relevant KPIs such as peak times, retention time, customer loyalty and many more, companies can optimize their store performance. At the same time, retail stores can improve the customer's shopping experience, transforming their own visitors into satisfied and loyal customers. Millennials expect customized services and product recommendations that address their buying preferences. Retargeting allows store owners to identify visitors and reach them online with customized content.