3 proven ways to attract trade fair visitors to your booth

  • A trade fair appearance costs a lot of money. Thus, it is reasonable that exhibitors want to attract the maximum number of visitors to their exhibit space as the competition is strong. We have listed 3 proven tactics for attracting visitors to your booth.

    Sharing knowledge

    Sharing insights is a strategy that works well for online marketing. The customer receives an e-book, report or others in return for the contact details and permission to follow up afterwards. It also works offline at your booth as long as your customer returns valuable knowledge in exchange. Another opportunity: a live demo at your booth! A presentation should not be longer than 15 minutes and should be on a large scale to the target group. Another tip: the presentation should take place in a small setting as it always looks well attended even if only 10 people watch it.

    Games, free Wi-Fi and phone charging stations

    The easiest way to get visitors to your booth and keep them there for a longer term: a phone charging station! Furthermore, if you offer a Wi-Fi hotspot and a coffee station, people will stay there while charging their phones. This is your chance to get in touch with them!

    Another possibility: Give your visitors the chance to take a break from the exhausting exhibition visit in order to offer games, free snacks and drinks as well as seating areas. However, make sure that your services or products are well placed in this inviting atmosphere.

    Attractive raffles

    Old but gold: People love to gamble. Thus, offer a raffle at your booth as visitors have to come back in order to be present for the announcement. This provides an additional highlight at your exhibition stand and the possibility to collect data for the follow-up after the trade fair. Also popular: Skill contests!

    As a result, make the trade fair stand a great experience! Attracting people to the booth is one thing. Even more important is that they interact with you. Free pens and a few displays don't turn guests into customers. They take the gifts and move on. Furthermore, staff that talks about private issues or looks at the phones, creates a miserable impression. Always keep in mind that your visitors go home with a great experience or an interesting conversation!