How to enjoy springtime as a family during the coronavirus

  • The schools slowly reopen, but kindergartens and preschools will be closed for extended periods. Furthermore, excursions fall through and a visit to grandparents and friends is still not possible in order to contain the coronavirus. Even if the "corona vacation" sounds too harmless at first - for the children it feels that way. With one big difference: Life takes place mostly within their own four walls and it is getting boring. Do you have products that help parents keep their children busy?

    We put together three opportunities to help families making the most of the time and enjoying the little things these days.

    Creating a beautiful garden with kids

    If families have a garden in times like these, they are the lucky ones! Children can play in the green countryside and explore nature. Maybe it is time for cultivating fruits and vegetables. Tomatoes, cucumbers or bell peppers, fruits like strawberries, raspberries and blueberries as well as herbs grow and thrive even in the smallest backyard. And children will love to help finding the right place, digging in the dirt, watching the growth of the plants every day. Moreover, they enjoy eating the yield when it is harvest time.

    Go outside and have a family picnic

    As we all know, we should avoid crowds. But if families have cabin fever and the sun is shining, it is the best opportunity to pack a basket with favourite food, toys for the kids and go outside in a park or in the woods. They can enjoy a beautiful day all together as a family, play with the kids, go for a hike and explore the environment. Always keep in mind to stay in the family unit as there might be restrictions in the commune to meet other people.

    Indoor fun

    If families do not have a garden or the weather is unsettled, they can use their creativity and make some indoor fun. Kids love to do crafting with flowers, leaves, feathers, stones and more. Thus, they can use their last walk to collect all those nice resources. Another idea: Finding online classes for knitting, painting or pottery that can be enjoyed with kids or maybe the (pre)school offers some ideas. For more action: What about an indoor treasure hunt or Olympic Games?